#1127 - Restraining Strap for Trailering
(or for flat beds longer than Dump-Pro)

Thinking about mounting a Dump-Pro® to a trailer or a flatbed?  Here's what one implementation looks like on a trailer (it has the Hi-Sides option as well as the below Restraining Strap option):

Here's a Dump-Pro dump insert installed on a trailer.

(trailer courtesy of Robin Hanger's Car Shop Trailer Sales)


Here's the Restraining Strap that is required (as well as a trailer or flatbed!):

Here's the retraining strap option for the Dump-Pro dump insert.

The "Restraining Strap for Trailering" option is a required option for those wanting to place Dump-Pro® onto a trailer or onto a flat bed truck that is longer than Dump-Pro.  It consists of a powder-coated metal bracket which mounts onto your bed and a long, rigid, powder coated metal restraining strap that swivels up and goes over the front edge of the poly dump body.  It is used to restrain the dump body in the down position.  It comes complete with all mounting hardware and instructions required to mount the Restraining Strap.


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