#1047 - Power Interrupter Option

INT1 Option - Based on your installation's positive battery wire routing, if you think that the positive electrical cable MIGHT BE cut or damaged during normal operations or from being hit in the rear of the truck during an accident, you then are STRONGLY encouraged to purchase and install the optional Power Interrupter Option.  This optional kit will allow the operator to disconnect the power from the battery to the winch when the winch is NOT in use. (If this option is not used, then there is high current 12 volt power always in the power cables going to the winch near the rear of the truck). 

The kit includes all hardware to mount a solenoid on the truck's firewall in the engine compartment and to run additional wires into the truck cab where a rocker switch is added just below the dash board.

Contents of the Dump-Pro dump insert power interrupter option.


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