#1056 or #1045 - Full Size Quick Change-OutTM  Option (Model 1)

The Full Size Quick Change-OutTM  Option allows you to slide Dump-Pro® in/out within minutes without drilling holes and permanently bolting Dump-Pro to your truck. It includes a hitch assembly, dump body restraining strap, special clamping arms to center and secure the unit in the bed and weather-resistant quick-disconnect electrical power connectors, plus other miscellaneous parts.   (You can make out most of these components in the kit components below).

If you ordered a kit (#1056), it will come with these major components/parts:

Metalwork for the Quick Change-Out option on the Dump-Pro dump insert.

If you ordered an assembled unit (#1045), these parts (and the parts in the plastic bags) will be distributed throughout the dump unit.  Many can be seen in either the video or the photo gallery.

Here are a couple of additional pictures.  Here's the clamping system that (as shown in the video) holds the front of the dump unit centered in the truck.  It is shown in the down position with the arms retracted to implement sliding the unit in and out of your truck:

Quick Change-Out  front end clamping system on the Dump-Pro dump insert.

Here's a close-up of one of the clamps as seen above.  It's a heavy duty clamp that is high-quality stainless steel:

Typical clamp on the Quick Change-Out option for the Dump-Pro dump insert.

The Quick Change-Out Option can be ordered and installed later on (as a kit) after you have ordered a basic Dump-Pro (either kit or assembled).



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