Dump-Pro® - The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.

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Dump-Pro ®, an easy to install dump truck insert dump body for any full size pickup truck. Make your pickup truck a dump truck with Dump-Pro. Dump-Pro provides maximum payload capacity, dumps quickly, installs and removes in minutes. The best built and most convenient pickup truck dump bed insert on the market today. Great for hauling and dumping firewood, mulch, gravel, and landscaping.

Pickup to Dump Truck Conversion

Dump-Pro conversion for your pickup truck into a dump truck with a dump insert.

Dump Body Dump Insert

Make a dump bed or dump body with our hydraulic dump inserts.

Pickup Truck Dump Inserts

Dump dirt, sand, mulch, firewood, manure, and gravel with our dump bed pickup dump inserts.

Pickup Dump Pro Inserts

Our pickup dump beds and pickup dump inserts are great for dumping.

Dump Inserts and Dump Body Inserts

Dump-Pro sells easy dump inserts for pick and dump trailer converstions.

Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!  
Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!
Dump-Pro pickup to dump truck in minutes!
The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

The following might answer a lot of the questions that you may have in mind.  Scroll down to the question of choice and click on it. The answer will appear.


Q: Why would I want to buy Dump-Pro® instead of a dump trailer?

A: There are many reasons:

  • Dump trailers are usually more expensive to buy and maintain!
  • Pulling a dump trailer gives you much less gas mileage than with Dump-Pro.
  • Dump-Pro allows you to maneuver into tight spaces, such as behind houses and businesses.  If you are in the business to dump material at a customer's site, having Dump-Pro allows you to get back in there and differentiates yourself from your competition.  Instead of dumping material onto the customer's driveway or front yard, you can probably dump it where it is needed saving time for either you or for your customer.  It  reduces your labor costs and provides an additional service to your customer base.
  • Need to bring in firewood from the woods?  Ever try taking a 4-wheel truck WITH a dump trailer into the woods and trying to maneuver the dump trailer there?
  • It saves you money on tags and insurance by NOT having a dump trailer!
  • If you still need a trailer for your business (like a landscaper), you can pull your equipment trailer (i.e. mowers) with your Class II or III square hitch and still have Dump-Pro in the back of your truck for dumping!  At the end of a long tiring day, you won't have to shovel out the debris you've collected all day long.
  • Some municipal dumps charge by the AXLE!  Having a dump trailer adds to the cost of disposal!
  • Dump-Pro's dump bed won't rust out like steel dump trailer beds.  (see pictures below of a rusted out steel insert.... similar issue!).
  • Dump-Pro's dumping angle is 60 degrees!  Many dump trailers only dump at 40 to 50 degrees.

Q: Why would I want to buy Dump-Pro® instead of a hydraulic conversion kit?

A: There are many reasons. Conversion kits have the "apparent" initial advantage of being less expensive....however:

  • Most hydraulic conversions require a lot of labor and welding to install, Dump-Pro doesn't.  For instance, you need to modify the filler neck tube or move it to another place, since the truck's side body is now going to lift up.  On some conversions, you might only be able to fuel the truck when the body is empty so that you can lift it into the air at the gas station, or you may have to remove the fuel cap every time you want to dump.  In some conversions, the pickup bed is now a lot higher. Other issues are the rear bumper; you may have to cut it off and reattach/weld it to a different place than the truck frame so that the bumper looks normal but actually rotates with the dump bed. Since you removed the bumper and reattached it somehow to the rotating dump bed, you can no longer pull with a trailer ball hitch as the bumper is not attached to the frame. If you had a hitch under the bumper, then you have to move and re-weld the hitch.   (All of these problems go away when you use Dump-Pro).Dump-Pro<sup>®</sup> dump bed inserts take abuse much better than plastic liners.
  • Pickup beds with or without thin plastic liners are not designed to take the repeated abuse of dumping, especially when heavy loads are concerned.  Pickup beds are not designed to be cantilevered and suspended in the air.  They are designed to lie flat on the truck frame.  With Dump-Pro, it is designed to take the dumping abuse.
  • The converted truck will always have to haul the weight of the hydraulics unit and cylinder. This costs you more in fuel.  Dump-Pro is removable with the Quick Change-Out option so there is no hauling it around when you don't need it.
  • In conversions, dumped material will stick behind the wheel wheels and maybe deposit material on the step bumper.  Since there are no "bulges" like wheel wells, all the material comes out of Dump-Pro and due to the "DirtSkirt" mudflap, material is not all over the step bumper.
  • When it comes time to sell the converted (dump) pickup truck, it will have a much more limited market in which to sell that truck and it will have to be at a higher price.  When a new truck is bought, a conversion will be required for that new truck all over again.  With Dump-Pro, all that needs to be done when buying a new truck is move the electrical wiring to the new truck and be ready for dumping.  That way, buying Dump-Pro won't limit the marketplace for the old truck when it's time to sell it.
  • If you have a newer truck that is still under warranty, modifying the truck frame/body to install the hydraulic conversion will void the warranty of those areas/systems that have been modified or that can be linked to the modification.

Q: What kind of modifications have to be done to my truck before I can use a Dump-Pro®?


A: With the Quick Change-Out™ option, you need only run the provided power cables from the truck's battery to the supplied modular power connector by the bumper. Once this is done, you can then install and remove your Dump-Pro at will in just a few minutes.  If your need for a dump unit is full time and you want to dedicate your truck to that function, then the lower cost basic unit (without the Quick Change-Out™ kit) requires you to drill 6 to 8 small holes in the bed of your truck.


Q: Can Dump-Pro® be installed on a highway or farm trailer?

A:  Yes.  Although Dump-Pro was primarily designed to fit onto pickup trucks, it can be used on trailers.  However, there are some things with which you need to comply:

  • Since Dump-Pro is not being installed on a pick-up truck, please make sure that the trailer is properly built according to U.S. DOT (Dept of Transportation) standards and is rated for at least the weight of both Dump-Pro and its intended load.   Check for the NATM SEAL for verification. See <http://natm.com>.  (Manufacturers proudly displaying this decal signify they comply with established industry standards and U.S. DOT's Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)). You must NOT overload either Dump-Pro or the trailer.
  • When Dump-Pro is mounted onto the trailer, it needs to be mounted to center the load over the suspension system and be positioned so that the tongue weight (either in the up or down directions) are correct for both the trailer and the towing vehicle.
  • You need to verify that the towing vehicle is rated for the load and trailer that is going to be towed and that you don't exceed the trailer's rated speed.
  • You will need to independently install a battery holding case (or battery mount) up at the front of the trailer and either charge it via wiring from the towing vehicle's electrical system, or have an AC charger for the battery (contact SHC technical support for other implementations or suggestions).  Batteries and mounts are not provided.
  • If you are buying Dump-Pro to mount on a trailer, you must also purchase the Restraining Strap for Trailering Option (#1127).

Q: Can one person put Dump-Pro® into and out of the truck?

A: Yes. Once initially installed, one person can install or remove Dump-Pro from their truck in minutes with the proper arrangements. Like any piece of equipment, care must be taken when handling. One method for removal by one person is to simply disconnect the power connector, release the clamps at the front of the unit, unbolt the single bolt  "Quick Hitch" attachment and slide the unit onto a platform or stand (capable of supporting the weight) which is at truck bed level.  When Dump-Pro is installed or removed from ground level or a level substantially lower than the truck bed, 2 (two); preferably 4 (four) people should be used, wearing the proper back support.

Q: How will the dump body react to extreme heat or cold?

A: The dump body is made from industrial strength polyethylene which is one of most durable plastics ever made. It is used in  industrial dump containers in areas with extreme temperatures. While nothing is completely indestructible, normal use in extreme weather should not damage the dump body.

Q: Can Dump-Pro® be operated on uneven ground?

A: All dumping devices, including Dump-Pro are made to be operated on level or near level ground. Heavy loads dumped from a non-level attitude may damage your truck or Dump-Pro.

Q: Does the winch need to be purchased separate or does it come with the unit?

A: Dump-Pro comes complete with a winch and all parts needed to operate the unit.

Q: Should I order my Dump-Pro® in kit form or assembled?

A: That depends. If the person that is going to be assembling the kit is mechanically inclined, has basic hand tools and can follow well-documented instructions and has 6-12 man-hours to dedicate to assembling the unit, then money can be saved by doing it yourself.  If the person intending to build the unit doesn't like to follow instructions, has few or no hand tools, is impatient or doesn't have the time to build it, then it's highly recommended that either an assembled unit be purchased or a friend is found who does have these qualities.  List of Tools Needed For Assembly of Kit

Q: How difficult is it to build up Dump-Pro® from a kit?

A: Unlike many poorly written instructions, the Dump-Pro Assembly manual is well written in English with lots of drawings and color pictures to help you understand how to do it.  If you have the qualities mentioned in the question above, you should be able to build up the unit without difficulty. One of the manufacturer's employees, Terri, who rarely, if ever, uses tools, built one up. CLICK HERE to see her story.

Q: Why is the Dump-Pro® dump body made of poly (a type of plastic) and what advantages does Dump-Pro have over steel units?
Example of rusted steel dump unit

A: There are many reasons:

  • The whole unit is much lighter than an all-steel unit, giving you more available payload which could be very important, especially if you have a 1/2 or 3/4-ton truck.  Dump-Pro weighs less than one-half of what an all-steel unit weighs!  All steel units leave you with much less dumping capability when used with lighter weight pickup trucks.
  • Installation (especially by an end-user) is easier than with a heavier steel unit.  All steel units require more manpower and equipment to install (and then steel units don't come in and out in minutes, like Dump-Pro does (with the Quick Change-Out option)).
  • The steel-reinforced poly dump body does not rust and therefore doesn't need periodic painting to keep the loads from "sticking" and rusting through; and with Dump-Pro's slippery plastic and 60 degree dumping angle compared to the lower dumping angles of steel units, it's easier to get out the contents.
  • Here's what a steel dump insert (or dump trailer) may look like after a few years:

    Typical dump beds will rust in no time.

    Typical steel dump beds require weather protection.

    Steel dump bed rusting away.

  • Because the all-steel units are permanently installed and weigh more than twice than Dump-Pro when empty, they add to your long term fuel costs (and we know the high cost of fuel these days!).  Greater fuel savings can be obtained if you purchase Dump-Pro with the Quick Change-Out option; you can remove it in minutes when you are done with it until you need it again
  • If you load a steel dump body with a front end loader or bucket and hit the side of the steel unit hard enough, the steel dump body might bend; not so with a Dump-Pro body... it bounces right back into its original shape!
  • Shaped and molded the way it is, it allows you to also carry liquids; it's water tight.
  • You can carry corrosive materials that could cause problems in steel or aluminum dump beds.

Q: I thought a dump body made of poly should be much less expensive than a dump body of steel?

A:  Some people perceive poly (plastic) as being cheaper and not as good as steel. This is an incorrect assumption. Go to your local hardware store and price identical wheelbarrows; one with a steel body and one with a poly body.  Guess which one costs more?  The steel reinforced poly body always costs more.  Why?  Because it brings MORE VALUE and won't rust out.  Some poly wheel barrow manufacturers are now giving a lifetime warranty on the plastic body; you won't find that warranty on their steel wheelbarrow bodies!  Why is that?!

The Dump-Pro poly dump body gives you value and is upwards of 1/4" thick. Have you ever seen those large industrial rolling trash or material carts that are used in factories and food processing plants?  It's the same type of material.  Besides being much lighter in weight than steel (which gives you more payload capacity), it takes a lot of abuse and doesn't rust, so there is no painting maintenance like on steel dump bodies.  The poly body stays slippery and that along with the unprecedented 60 degree dumping angle lets everything dump easily.  It doesn't break down in the sun.  It also holds water, if needed.

Q: I have an 8 foot bed and a 2 foot deep tool box. Would Dump-Pro still fit?

A:  Yes, if you bought the compact Dump-Pro.  It is designed to fit into a 6 foot long space! This leaves room for up to a 2 foot depth tool box.

Q: Is there a compact Dump-Pro that will work with a full-width truck?

A:  Yes. The compact Dump-Pro can either be bolted to a full-width truck bed or installed with the compact Quick Change-Out option. That option comes with adjustable arms to reach over to the sides of the truck box.

Q: Does the compact Dump-Pro work like the full size unit?

A:  Yes, it is designed along the same concept as the full-size, only smaller in width and length.

Q: What kind of steel is used for Dump-Pro?

A:  The Dump-Pro's supporting steel structure under, around and beneath the poly dump body is made up of a variety of precision, laser cut, powder coat painted steel that varies in thickness depending on the part.  A few examples are:

  • Lift Saddles                    3/8" thick plate steel
  • Lift Arms                        1/4" thick plate steel
  • Body Support Tubes      11 GA (approx 1/8") ASTM structural steel
  • Tracks                           10 GA (1/8") steel
  • (see photo gallery for some pictures)

Q: Why is Dump-Pro® great for trash and liquid haulers as well as farmers with stock to water?

A: Dump-Pro's body is relatively watertight and thus it doesn't seep.  You can, for example,  haul water or cement in it.  This is also a real plus for small trash haulers where some local municipalities require "no seepage" of liquid from their equipment!  Dump-Pro is really unique in this way.


Dump-Pro dump inserts have powder coated steel frame parts.

Dump-Pro pickup truck dump inserts are made in the USA

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**WARNING! Do not overload or exceed the weight carrying capacity of Dump-Pro® and the truck or trailer on which Dump-Pro has been installed.
Capacity will vary with system configuration and rated truck/trailer capacity. See operators manual and truck/trailer specifications for specific applications.

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