Dump-Pro® - The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.

Pickup Insert, Dump Insert, Dump Trailer

Dump-Pro ®, an easy to install dump truck insert dump body for any full size pickup truck. Make your pickup truck a dump truck with Dump-Pro. Dump-Pro provides maximum payload capacity, dumps quickly, installs and removes in minutes. The best built and most convenient pickup truck dump bed insert on the market today. Great for hauling and dumping firewood, mulch, gravel, and landscaping.

Pickup to Dump Truck Conversion

Dump-Pro conversion for your pickup truck into a dump truck with a dump insert.

Dump Body Dump Insert

Make a dump bed or dump body with our hydraulic dump inserts.

Pickup Truck Dump Inserts

Dump dirt, sand, mulch, firewood, manure, and gravel with our dump bed pickup dump inserts.

Pickup Dump Pro Inserts

Our pickup dump beds and pickup dump inserts are great for dumping.

Dump Inserts and Dump Body Inserts

Dump-Pro sells easy dump inserts for pick and dump trailer converstions.

Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!  
Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!
Dump-Pro pickup to dump truck in minutes!
The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.

  The compact dump insert fits into all these type vehicles.  What's your need?:

Compact Dump-Pro dump insert in compact pickup
Compact Dump-Pro dump insert in a dually pickup with tool box
Compact Dump-Pro dump insert in full width crew cab pickup
Compact Dump-Pro dump insert in a larger trailer
Dually Crew      w/Toolbox?
Full Width Crew?

Click here to see a brochure on a compact Dump-Pro dump insert.                  Click here for technical specs

Compact (6') Model - Dump Inserts & Options

  Dump Inserts  
Compact Dump-Pro Kit   CS1-12K - (#1059)

Compact Size Dump-Pro® Kit** (Bolt In) 12 Volt

(Assembled or a kit? Click here for pixs! )

Compact Dump-Pro Assembled

  CS1-12A - (#1060)

Compact Size Dump-Pro Assembled (Bolt In) 12 Volt

(Assembled or a kit? Click here for pixs! )


Dump Insert Options


Compact Quick Change-Out Kit

  CSQC1K - (#1062)

Quick Change-OutTM Option - Kit

Compact Quick Change-Out Assembled


Quick Change-OutTM Option - Assembled

Compact Hi-Sides Volume Enhancer   HSHWCS-1(#1150)

Hi-SidesTM Volume Enhancer Option - Kit

Compact Tarp & Bungee Option   TBCS-1 (#1152)

Tarp and Bungee System Option - Kit


    STAND1 - Storage Stand


Anti-Corrosion Option


Anti-Corrosion Option Kit

Power Interrupter Option


Power Interrupter Option - Kit

Extender Cable Option


Extender Cable Option - Kit

6' Positive wire length & hardware for extended/crew cab trucks

ATPCS Option


Additional Truck Power Cabling System Option - Kit

Trailering Option


Restraining Strap for Trailering Option - kit
                (or for flat beds greater than 6' long)


NA = Not available at this time.

**List of Tools Needed For Assembly of Kit

Crating and Shipping

Your kit or assembled dump insert will be carefully packed and crated on a large (5' x 7') pallet for shipping to its final destination by truck. All sales are final.

                         Standard Hamilton reserves the right under its product improvement policy to change construction and furnish equipment when so altered without reference to illustrations or specifications used herein.


Dump-Pro dump inserts have powder coated steel frame parts.

Dump-Pro pickup truck dump inserts are made in the USA

CALL (after a new manufacturer is found)!
(8:00AM - 6:00PM ET M-F)

Proudly Manufactured In the USA By (TBD).

**WARNING! Do not overload or exceed the weight carrying capacity of Dump-Pro® and the truck or trailer on which Dump-Pro has been installed.
Capacity will vary with system configuration and rated truck/trailer capacity. See operators manual and truck/trailer specifications for specific applications.

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