#1059 - Compact Size Unit (Bolt-In) in Kit Form

The compact size model (bolt in) in kit form is designed for those customers who have a need for a dump unit that is less than 8 feet long; i.e. a compact truck with a 6' or longer bed, a full size pickup truck, flat bed or trailer.  A unit in kit form is ideal for a customer mechanically inclined, having basic hand tools, who can follow well documented instructions and has 6-8 hours to dedicate to assembling the unit.  (Build time is dependent on skill level and help available; present record for 1st build is 2 hrs 45 minutes with 1 helper, but we think it will probably take you longer).   If the person intending to build the unit doesn't like to follow instructions, has few or no hand tools, is impatient or doesn't have the time to build it, then it's highly recommended that either an assembled unit is purchased or a friend is found who does have these qualities. When a compact unit is placed into a "full-width" pickup, there is a little more space than normal between the inside edges of the pickup bed and the dump body sides. For additional information visit the Technical page section of the website.

This is the way that your 5' x 7'pallet will look when it arrives:








These are the major boxes and pieces upon unpacking the pallet:

Your Dump-Pro dump insert looks like this when it comes as a kit.








(Assembled or a kit? Click here for pixs! )


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