#1060 = (#1059 + #10044)   Compact Size Unit (Bolt-In) Fully Assembled

The compact size, fully assembled, bolt-in unit is designed for those customers who have a need for a dump unit that is less than 8 feet long; i.e. a compact truck with a 6' or longer bed, a full size pickup truck, flat bed or trailer and want the convenience of having a unit that is ready to be installed. Please note that the unit will still need to be bolted in and wired to the truck's battery.  We supply complete instructions and parts for this to be done (takes 1-2 hours). When a compact unit is placed into a "full-width" pickup, there is a little more space than normal between the inside edges of the pickup bed and the dump body sides For additional information visit the Technical page section of the website. (In the case of a trailer, the user will need to buy and place a battery near the unit on the trailer).

This is the way that your 5' x 7'pallet is shipped to you:


After you remove the wrappings, it will look something like this
 (without Terri, the Admin, of course!):

Terri sitting inside a Dump-Pro dump insert.


(Assembled or a kit? Click here for pixs! )


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