#1150 - Compact Hi-Sides volume enhancer

Compact Dump-Pro dump insert with  Hi-Sides in a Compact truck       

This option is a ruggedly designed and engineered hardware kit to increase the volume carrying capacity of the compact-sized Dump-Pro® from its original 1+ cubic yards to 3 to 3.5 cubic yards.  Hi-Sides comes only as a kit (even if Dump-Pro is purchased assembled). The complete hardware system is added to the user-supplied and finished 3/4" plywood sides of the user's choosing*.  The system is designed to "float" and automatically adjust itself to large variations in ambient temperature, but still be rugged and strong; not a small engineering feat, since the non rusting poly dump body it rests upon changes size with temperature. No "floppy sides" with this option!!

The clips holding the plywood also act as bungee attachments for the optional tarp system.

 Compact Dump-Pro dump insert with Hi-Sides shown in up position

Below shows the powder-coated steel parts and hardware supplied. The major parts are 3@ plastic dump body lip reinforcing tubes (2@ long, 1@ short), 8 @ plywood and bungee clips, 2@ plywood front corner braces, 5@ additional plywood mounting brackets, 1@ top plywood brace, system hardware and a complete, well-documented manual.

Plywood metal & plasticwork for the Hi-Sides option for the Dump-Pro dump insert.

Metalwork for the Hi-Sides wind panel for the Dump-Pro dump insert.

Below is a close-up of what 1 plywood side clip system looks like before it is assembled to the dump body lip and reinforcing tube.  It is VERY rugged and results in stiff and rigid side panels:

Plywood clip system for the Hi-Sides option on the Dump-Pro dump insert.



Hi-Sides can be retrofitted to an existing Dump-Pro or ordered with a new Dump-Pro.

Weight of Hi-Sides - is a total of the metal and plasticwork as well as the plywood chosen by the end-user.  The metalwork and plasticwork adds 42.5 lbs.  If, for example, 3/4"
7-ply marine ply is used, it will add approximately 70.1 lbs for a total weight of 113.6 lbs for Hi-Sides.



 *Drawings for plywood provided.  This is because you can then buy plywood and make sides that specifically fits your budget and needs.  For instance, you can locally buy either very low cost unfinished plywood or buy the very best marine plywood available and professionally finish with your business logo and information painted on the sides (or anything else in-between) !!


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