Dump-Pro® - The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.

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Dump-Pro ®, an easy to install dump truck insert dump body for any full size pickup truck. Make your pickup truck a dump truck with Dump-Pro. Dump-Pro provides maximum payload capacity, dumps quickly, installs and removes in minutes. The best built and most convenient pickup truck dump bed insert on the market today. Great for hauling and dumping firewood, mulch, gravel, and landscaping.

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Dump-Pro conversion for your pickup truck into a dump truck with a dump insert.

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Make a dump bed or dump body with our hydraulic dump inserts.

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Dump dirt, sand, mulch, firewood, manure, and gravel with our dump bed pickup dump inserts.

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Our pickup dump beds and pickup dump inserts are great for dumping.

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Dump-Pro sells easy dump inserts for pick and dump trailer converstions.

Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!  
Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!
Dump-Pro pickup to dump truck in minutes!
The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.


Buying a factory-assembled unit or buying a kit?...Mmmm...

Thinking about assembling a Dump-Pro to save money or just for fun?

Terri almost done assembling her Dump-Pro dump insert.

(Terri built one up.  Can you?)

Terri started working as an administrator when Dump-Pros were being made.  When Terri learned that we had sold our demo unit and we were getting in a new one for demo purposes for our Florida office, she said " I'd like us to get that unit in as a kit, so I can build one up!  That way, I can relate to folks who call in and have questions."  

Now, Terri has usually relied on others in her life to fix things, so tools were not so near and dear to her heart as to other people.  We thought her request was a valid one.  We thought that it would be good for her and for you. 

The unit arrived from our factory.  In her spare time over a few days (between her usual tasks and answering calls from customers) she built up the unit with few issues.  Below are some pictures of her assembling Dump-Pro®  with the Quick Change-Out  option and the Hi-Sides option.  Being a "little person" with lots of energy, she only needed help in a few places to move the bulkier or  heavier stuff (like the dump body, etc& ).

Terri  had never seen a torque wrench before and before she started building didn't exactly know what a "vice grip", "box wrench", "#2 Phillips screwdriver", etc. was.  However, after she finished she now knows.

Terri writes in her own words about her experiences below:

Building up the basic dump unit Building up the Dump-Pro dump insert.

 Terri just starting out: Terri just starting out assembling the Dump-Pro dump insert

Fitting the tracks together:

Fitting the track system on the Dump-Pro dump insert.

"After reading through the unpacking instructions, assembly instructions and learning the proper description of various nuts, bolts, wiring connectors, etc., the unit began to take shape.  As I bolted the base metal work together, I discovered and developed a real appreciation of the engineering design.  The hardware components complement the metal work, and the rust-proof dump body, bulky to say the least, results in a quality product all together."


Mounting and bolting down the winch:

Frame with winch completed:

Mounting the winch on the Dump-Pro dump insert. Track frame & winch completed on the Dump-Pro dump insert.

"Being a 110 pound female, I wasn't sure I could do it, especially only 6 weeks after some major surgery (my strength wasn't totally back).   Step-by-step, as detailed in the assembly instructions, I performed each task at hand."



Attaching steel support tubes for dump body:         Attaching the steel support tubes for the Dump-Pro dump insert.

            Attaching protective rubber DirtSkirt : Attaching the DirtSkirt on the Dump-Pro dump insert.





"The assembly manual is very precise and self explanatory.  I may have read some things twice (or more) but it's all in there.  After installing the DirtSkirt I was ready to attach the body to the track system.  Then, the amazement when I (and a helper) lifted the dump body up (with no power) into its "maintenance" position & it turned out I didn't need a helper for that step or for the majority of the assembly.  There was plenty of access to get to everything." 


Placing bolts for heavy duty steel lift saddle:

Attaching the bolts for the lift saddles.

    Tightening all the bolts in the Dump-Pro dump insert.Tightening all bolts through dump body:







"Next came the fun part, wiring the up and down limit switches (routed through a body support tube).  There are precise instructions in the manual; don't forge ahead without following the installation order. The wiring went quickly, and I was very thorough, as I did not want to have to back track.  Now it was the time for the winch wire rope.  I had some hesitation, but again, got through the instructions.  The wiring was correct so once the wire rope was set into the winch drum, all I had to do was push a button to reel it up."

     Attaching winch wire rope to frame:                   Winch wire rope routed and finished:

Attaching the wire rope to the frame on the Dump-Pro dump insert.

Finishing wire rope routing on the Dump-Pro dump insert.








"After quite a bit of hesitation about using a plumbers torch (to solder the heavy duty winch wires to the power connector), I learned it's not that scary.  Having used the torque wrench on the various bolts that required it, I later found myself explaining the wrench to my 23 year old son."

Cleaning winch power connector pins:

Cleaning the winch power wiring on the Dump-Pro dump insert.









Finished building basic unit with Quick Change-Out option:

Terri finished with the basic Dump-Pro dump insert. Teeri sitting inside the basic Dump-Pro dump insert.


"I attached all the labels and then moved on to the Hi-Sides installation."


Adding the Hi-SidesTM option Adding the Hi-Sides option to the Dump-Pro dump insert.

Mounting 1 of the plywood panel clips:                  Tightening a panel clip on the outside:

Terri placing the Hi-Sides clip onto the Dump-Pro dump insert body.

Tightening the clips on the dump insert body.








"The panels were bulky and required help to hold into position, but the installation went quickly and looks great. "

Front panel on; checking side panel:                                Tightening panel clip inside:

Checking the Hi-Sides plywood panel for the Dump-Pro dump insert.

Tightening the bolts for the plywood on the Hi-Sides option.









Attaching top brace to plywood sides:

Finished Hi-Sides!!!:

Attaching the top brace on the Hi-Sides option. Finished the Hi-Sides option for the Dump-Pro dump insert.

"This experience has made me much more familiar with our Dump Pro unit and its components.  I'll be able to help our customers more efficiently with the knowledge I gained from this.  Thanks, boss, for giving me this opportunity!"


(Well.......would you like to do it, too?)

List of Tools Needed For Assembly of Kit

Dump-Pro dump inserts have powder coated steel frame parts.

Dump-Pro pickup truck dump inserts are made in the USA

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**WARNING! Do not overload or exceed the weight carrying capacity of Dump-Pro® and the truck or trailer on which Dump-Pro has been installed.
Capacity will vary with system configuration and rated truck/trailer capacity. See operators manual and truck/trailer specifications for specific applications.

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