Dump-Pro® - The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.

Pickup Insert, Dump Insert, Dump Trailer

Dump-Pro ®, an easy to install dump truck insert dump body for any full size pickup truck. Make your pickup truck a dump truck with Dump-Pro. Dump-Pro provides maximum payload capacity, dumps quickly, installs and removes in minutes. The best built and most convenient pickup truck dump bed insert on the market today. Great for hauling and dumping firewood, mulch, gravel, and landscaping.

Pickup to Dump Truck Conversion

Dump-Pro conversion for your pickup truck into a dump truck with a dump insert.

Dump Body Dump Insert

Make a dump bed or dump body with our hydraulic dump inserts.

Pickup Truck Dump Inserts

Dump dirt, sand, mulch, firewood, manure, and gravel with our dump bed pickup dump inserts.

Pickup Dump Pro Inserts

Our pickup dump beds and pickup dump inserts are great for dumping.

Dump Inserts and Dump Body Inserts

Dump-Pro sells easy dump inserts for pick and dump trailer converstions.

Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!  
Dump-Pro® - The Lightweight Dump Insert For Pickups, Trailers and Flatbeds!
Dump-Pro pickup to dump truck in minutes!
The pickup truck dump insert to turn your pickup truck into a dump truck.


(TBD) , Inc. is engaged in the design, manufacture, sales and distribution of truck aftermarket accessories. Our main product, Dump-Pro®, is a device that quickly slides into and out of a full-sized or compact pickup bed and transforms the vehicle into a dump truck.  This unique and patented product is being sold directly to end users (where there is no dealer) and is also distributed through a network of dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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Mission Statement


History of Dump-Pro

Dump-Pro was originally a device called the "Load LifterTM ".  It was developed in the mid 90's in the Pacific Northwest and was patented by the inventor in 1995 and manufactured and sold by Workhorse, Inc.

Standard Hamilton Company (SHC) was started in 2002 and purchased the assets of Workhorse Inc.  SHC spent over a year improving the design of the Load Lifter and brought it to market as Dump-Pro®.  Due to the innovation in the design improvements, SHC had been granted a second patent by the U.S. Patent Office.

Since its introduction, Dump-Pro had undergone further revisions and refinements due to feedback from the field.

In October 2008 the compact Dump-Pro was introduced into the market to service shorter pickup truck bed lengths of 6 feet and longer.

To-date there have been hundreds of Load Lifters and Dump-Pro's sold.



Dump-Pro dump inserts have powder coated steel frame parts.

Dump-Pro pickup truck dump inserts are made in the USA

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**WARNING! Do not overload or exceed the weight carrying capacity of Dump-Pro® and the truck or trailer on which Dump-Pro has been installed.
Capacity will vary with system configuration and rated truck/trailer capacity. See operators manual and truck/trailer specifications for specific applications.

U.S. Patents #5,447,361 and #7,114,784. Dump-Pro® is a Registered Trademark of Dump-Pro, LLC. Copyright © 2002 - 2022 All Rights Reserved.