#1119 - Tarp and Bungee Option

Here are some Dump-Pro® Tarp & Bungee implementations on a pickup and a trailer! 

       Full-size Dump-Pro with Hi-Sides and Tarp & Bungee option


Hi-Sdes and Tarp & Bungee options mounted on a Dump-Pro dump insert mounted on a trailer.

(trailer courtesy of Robin Hanger's Car Shop Trailer Sales)

This option is a ruggedly and professionally designed mesh tarp and bungee/hook system kit to cover the top and back of Hi-SidesTM while hauling material (many states require that a tarp system be used).

Here's the mesh tarp used that will custom fit onto your Hi-Sides for the Dump-Pro dump insert.


The mesh tarp is made of high-quality vinyl coated polyethylene with reinforced double-stitched hems and large all brass grommets!  (The grommets are strategically placed to perfectly match up with the
Hi-Sides plywood panel metal side clips.  The tarp is designed to fit Hi-Sides when the plywood is cut as shown in the plywood drawings.)



The hooks are made from a very tough and resilient non-rusting plastic.  The bungee material is the same as truckers use on over-the-road truck bungees (EPDM rubber).  Here are the contents as shipped:

                            The complete Tarp & Bungee kit for the Hi-Sides used on the Dump-Pro dump insert.


The bungees and hooks come unassembled because the lengths of the bungee cords may differ from truck-to-truck.  This is because some purchasers may have made their Hi-Sides plywood sides slightly different heights or shapes and there are also multiple options on attaching the rear flap with different truck or trailer configurations.

It requires about 1 hour or so to assemble and place on your Dump-Pro® outfitted with the Hi-Sides option.

Limited Warranty - There is a 90 day limited warranty on the tarp itself, but only for defects in material or workmanship.  There is a 6 month warranty on the bungee/hook system.  See warranty for details.


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